Oceanic Eyes Featuring LIT Cosmetics

Mar. 21.
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Perfect Eyebrows!

Nov. 19.
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MAC Pro Lip Palette: 6 Editorial Reds

Nov. 14.
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Nov. 14.

MAC Pro Lip Palette: 6 Preferred Pinks






Price: $40.00 at maccosmetics.com or MAC Pro stores



Pretty Please (lustre) Pale pink pearl

Lovelorn (lustre) Emotive blue pink

Crème De La Femme (frost) Pink laced with gold

Please Me (matte) Muted rosey tinted pink

Show Orchid (amplified crème): Vivid hot pink

Violetta (amplified crème) Bright clean violet purple


Pretty Please: I actually like pretty please. The pigmentation is a bit lacking, but I suppose that’s the point. It’s a sheer, baby pink lipstick. Wear time is not so great- I find myself having to re-apply quite often. Luckily this isn’t a shade that require the utmost precision so it is easy to throw it on in a snap. The color is pretty, and great for teens, natural looks, or looks where the eyes are the standout feature. Not a knock out color, but pretty none-the-less.

Lovelorn: First of all, “Emotive blue pink?” What is that supposed to mean?? Anyways.  Lovelorn is one of those lustres that have more pigmentation that you would think. This is a very pretty color! I suspect it would look downright amazing with tanned skin. Again, wear time isn’t amazing as with most lustres, but it is very comfortable to wear! Almost like one of those lipstick/lip butter hybrids.

Crème De La Femme: I was a bit disappointed with this lipstick. Frosts are so iffy for me in the first place. Either I love ‘em, or I hate ‘em. I didn’t feel like Crème De La Femme in particular had a great color payoff, and I really don’t like the color on me. But the color thing is just a preference. You may love the color. Wear time is ok, but definitely not long wearing. My least favorite of the bunch!

Please Me: I’ve had Please Me for a while and I think it’s one of those shades that either you really like or you really don’t. For me, I don’t like it simply because I feel like the color is a bit Pepto-Bismol for my taste. With a color like this, at least for me personally I would have to add a gloss. The matte finish just makes it look chalky to me. The pigmentation is great though and so is the wear time. Again I think I just don’t particularly like this color, so I may be a little biased when I say you can totally pass on this color.

Show Orchid: I was sooo excited for this color as I did not own it and now I know why: hands down it is my absolute FAVORITE of the bunch! All I can say is WOW, what a show stopper!! Now, this color is not for the faint of heart and I can’t even imagine where I would wear this but man is it gorgeous! I just feel like it has so much dimension depending on how you look at it.  It is ultra pigmented, and super comfortable.  Wear time is going to be less than a matte or satin, but more than a lustre so bring it along because you will need to reapply if you’re going out for the night.

Violetta:  Violetta’s another stunner in this palette that I really love!  The color isn’t one for everyone’s taste, but if it’s yours you will not be disappointed.  I personally again can’t imagine where I would wear it outside my videos but for the more daring this is a great option!  The color is intense and beautiful.  It is comfortable to wear due to the amplified creme formula (one of my faves)!  Wear time is decent, although pack it with you for a night out because chances are you are going to have to re-apply.

My must have picks: Show Orchid, Violetta, Lovelorn.

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Nov. 11.

Glittering Arabesque Makeup

Products Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Strawberry Milk
MAC Kitchmas Pigment
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Creme De Violet e/s
MAC Nocturnelle e/s
MAC Stars n Rockets e/s
Rhinestones from Amazon
Ardell #28 Lashes

Prestige Lipliner in Silk
MAC lipstick in Utter Pervette

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